Immersion heaters for light metals


Access the most efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions for aluminum alloys and zinc alloys.

Aluminium ultra-compact immersion heating for die casting holding furnaces

    To ensure a precise steady temperature control, or to achieve a quick dynamic reheating, Atherm Immersion Heating technology provides you the most efficient solution among all alternative heating technologies for molten aluminium.

    Thanks to direct heating of the metal, with just the required amount of heat, you minimize the energy losses and avoid metal damages and metal losses due to oxydes, corumdun, drosses…

    Thus, you also save productive time, avoiding time consuming and tricky cleaning operation of resistances.
    This technology is suitable for high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and low pressure die casting, and as well for degassing, filtration unit or transport ladle re-heating.


    Atherm’s clients have reported 20%, 30% and even 40% energy savings using our immersion heaters in diverse settings.


    As electrical devices, immersion heaters are a fully decarbonized heat source, generating no CO2 during the industrial process.


    Atherm’s clients regularly report high metal purity, exceptional quality of cast parts, and reduced metal oxidation.

    ATHERM solutions to implement immersion heating for die casting

    Depending your industrial organization and your project, we build with you a custom project to implement the relevant solution for you aluminium die casting workshop. Our technical offer is based on :

    Range of ultra-compact immersion heaters

    Holding furnaces with immersion heaters

    From 750 to 2 tons, we can design for you dedicated furnaces with ultra-compact immersion heaters, allowing the maximum efficiency in terms of energy saving, metal quality and productivity.

    atherm immersion heaters

    Atherm’s Supratherm Dual 75 : a unique 2-in-1 immersion heater also capable of preheating furnaces

    In January 2024, Atherm officially launched its brand-new product: Supratherm Dual 75

    With this unique 2-in-1 immersion heater, Atherm meets the requests of its most demanding customers in the aluminum die-casting industry, including Gigafactories.
    Discover in this video the assets of this game-changer able to both preheat furnaces and fulfill a well-established heating role.
    Learn more about Supratherm Dual and how it preheats furnaces and helps to improve their filling flexibility or read Supratherm Dual 75 technical sheet.

    What is the principle of immersion heating of aluminium and zinc alloys

    Key principles of ATHERM immersion heating technology

    Range of ATHERM immersion heaters from 1 kW to 70kW

    Our standard range covers from 1 kW to 50 kW per heaters. We can optimize the total power through the diameter, the length and the number of heaters.

    8kW to 30kW

    8kW to 44kW

    12kW to 50kW

    10kW to 70kW

    2kW to 12kW in the air & 14kW to 27kW in the metal



    Custom projects to implement ATHERM immersion heating technology


    Design of aluminium heating solution

    Based on a standard range of heaters, each solution is customized for your application. A dedicated and highly skilled team of engineers at your service


    “Made in France” Quality

    1000 immersion heaters per year.
    30 people at your service.
    2000m2 of industrial facilities.


    Technical assistance & project management

    Thermal installation diagnostic.
    Implementation design.
    Commissioning and training assistance

    Short maintenance times

    Targeted heating and precise temperature regulation help to optimize maintenance work. Cleaning depends on the quality of the metal and can even be unnecessary with high-quality baths. Atherm’s


    The light metal industry generally needs bath temperatures to rise rapidly. Atherm’s range of conductive immersion heaters was designed to generate very high surface power densities, enabling our technology to transfer very high power levels to the baths, for rapid reheating after maintenance or refilling.


    The new Supratherm Dual immersion heater line offers an additional advantage of heating the air (when using the long heating unit), as well as the metal (with the short heating unit), enabling it to also be used to preheat the furnaces. This feature is also helpful when the level of the metal bath is too low since, when the heating unit is partially immersed and the power set appropriately, this heater is still able to work and heat.

    Atherm, the thermal solutions partner for light metals foundry