FSW (Friction Stir Welding)

FSW (Friction Stir Welding, patented technology since 1995) is used by Atherm for Cold Plates manufacturing

From design of cold plates according FSW tips to production with our tools, Atherm is able to propose efficient Cold Plates according your specification.

  • FSW replaces Vacuum Brazing, Laser or Electron beam welding with lower costs
  • FSW replaces gasket cold plates, improving reliability of cooling solution
  • Mechanical resistance is improved, up to 300 bars
  • No porosity, 100% waterproof
  • FSW presents an excellent thermal conductivity (metallurgical junction)
  • User friendly compared with Vacuum Brazing, Laser or Electron beam welding
  • Aluminium and copper cold plates can be designed

FSW welding principle

  • The two sheets to be welded are placed into contact and firmly clamped.
  • The rotating tool (400 to 3500 rpm) penetrates the material and then moves along the joint line (10 to 100 mm / s).
  • The tool consists of a shoulder and a pin. The pin plunges into the material by heating until the shoulder comes into contact with the sheets.
  • The pressure has be sufficient so that the heat generated by friction between the shoulder and the sheets, can soften the material without reaching the melting point.
FSW Atherm
Rotating tool is installed on standard CNC machine