ATHERM, Worldwide leader in innovative thermal solutions

Atherm was founded in 1988 by experts in thermal design. Today, 30 employees are dedicated to the development of innovative thermal solutions for industry.
Our R&D team and ISO9001 industrial manufacturing plant are located in Grenoble, France.


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Cooling solutions

Heat transfer, Advanced cooling systems & Thermal control systems, specific thermal solutions

Our expertise

  • Development, design and calculation
  • Prototyping and serial manufacturing

Our applications are dedicated to

  • Power electronics
  • Embedded electronics
  • Aeronautics
  • Batteries
  • Hydrogen production and storage systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • And all other devices, installations & markets impacted by thermal management.

Atherm, thermal control & heat transfers Leader

  • Passive systems
  • Heatpipe systems
  • Heatsinks with heatpipes
  • Cold plates
  • Water cooling
  • Specific heat exchangers

Atherm designs, manufactures and sales solutions since 1988

Atherm COOLING SOLUTIONIn close collaboration with your technical team, our R & D team proposes, co-designs and develops innovative and industrial solutions to meet your specifications and needs.

You benefit of all the feedback of an experienced manufacturer’s design office to take up your cooling & thermal challenges developments.

From first idea until mass production, our modeling and design process based on a long term “real life” experience offers you a true added value in projects support from the definition of the need to the delivered turnkey solution.

Our expertise and experience are recognized in various activities & areas such as:

  • Medical
  • Railway
  • Industry
  • Avionics
  • Defense/Military
  • Aerospace
  • Energy…

We customize our solutions for your application

Customer’s needs
Each application is specific and so are our cooling solutions.
Your challenge is to:

  • Homogenize temperature
  • Evacuate
  • Transfer heat
  • Control dissipated power
    We work together on your need & technical data to find out the right solution
  • Efficient
  • Designed to cost
  • Designed to reach your specification

Thermal & Mechanical design
Atherm’s design office is able to propose innovative solutions, calculate and dimension thermal & cooling systems according to customer’s requests. Our calculation and simulation tools have been improved and correlated for more than 20 years of “real life” testing, prototyping and mass production experience.

Atherm also cooperates with R & D academic institutions and participates to collaborative projects granted by European Commission. Thanks to academic research and industrial experience, we can offer you the right thermal answer for serial production with the reactivity of a small structure .

Mock up, demonstrators and prototypes are all achieved in our workshop then qualified in connection with customer’s design team.

Mass production & validation
Once products are qualified, mass production is launched in our French facilitiy. A dedicated production line equipped with test benches is built for you.

If necessary, each single part is tested according to customer’s specifications with our specifically designed & manufactured test benches.

Immersion Heaters

Advanced heating & thermal control solutions for non ferrous liquid metal, Aluminium & Zinc

Our expertise

Atherm, original manufacturer of this Immersion heaters type, proposes the most efficient and environmental friendly solution for non ferrous liquid metal heating.

Our heaters are dedicated to

Our heaters are used in many light metal industries: Aluminium, Zinc (including galvanization), Magnesium are the preferred environments for our heaters.

After more than 20 years of existence, our proven technology is suitable for:

  • High pressure die casting
  • Gravity die casting
  • Low pressure die casting
  • Degassing & filtration unit
  • Transport ladle re-heating
  • Hot dip galvanizers.

Atherm customizes & manufactures solutions since 1988

Because each application is specific, our design team is able to propose innovative solutions, calculate and dimension the appropriate immersion heater model to match your needs and installation requirement.
Our calculation, simulation tools and knowledge have been improved and correlated for more than 20 years of “real life” testing and experience.


Design of aluminium heating solution

Based on a standard range of heaters, each solution is customized for your application. A dedicated and highly skilled team of engineers at your service

Key to success involves

  • Heaters dimensioning
  • Implementation of heaters in furnace design
  • Furnace design
  • Control cabinet design and specification
  • Commissioning and training on site.

Atherm is your privileged partner to support you along theses project phases.


Technical assistance & project management

Thermal installation diagnostic.
Implementation design.
Commissioning and training assistance

Once products are qualified, mass production is launched in our facility.


"Made in France" Quality

1000 immersion heaters per year.
30 people at your service.
2000m2 of industrial facilities.

In order to reach the expected long life time, each part produced in our French facility is drastically controlled and tested by our qualified production teams through all production steps.

Immersion Heaters Fundamentals

  • atherm immersion heaters

    Immersion heaters in Aluminium Furnace

    Powerful heating elements directly inserted into the liquid metal

  • Up to 56kW each
  • No energy losses
  • Almost 99% yield
  • Up to 40% energy consumption reduction
  • Accurate ±2°C temperature control
  • No overheating = no dross
  • No metal losses
  • No CO2 emissions, eco friendly
  • Furnace refractory longer life time

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Join us at Die Casting Congress & Exposition 2021 in Indianapolis!

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Atherm improves his customers and sales administration force

Atherm improves his customers and sales administration force

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Atherm and aeronautics applications, an ongoing story

Atherm and aeronautics applications, an ongoing story

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Who we are ?

Atherm is a french company founded in 1988 by experts in thermal design.


We are permanently seeking talents to accompany our the development.


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