Thermal design and manufacturing of customized heat transfer and dissipation systems for power electronics, embedded electronics and batteries.

Atherm is expert in passive systems, like heatpipes heatsinks, heatsinks with heatpipes and water cooling heatsinks.

aluminium heating with immersion heaters

Immersion heating is the most efficient and environmental friendly solution for aluminium heating.

Save 30% Energy and more, Save Metal and Save time with furnaces with immersion heaters.

Latest News !

Atherm development capacities increased

Atherm development capacities increased

We are always trying to improve our products performances. To achieve this task in the field of immersion heaters, we are proud to welcome Mrs Martin. Aurélie is an experienced engineer, graduated from "Ecole des Mines" French school. She has been working in the field...

Atherm and aeronautics applications, an ongoing story

Atherm and aeronautics applications, an ongoing story

Involved in "Optima" collaborative project, Atherm greatly contributed in its technical progress. Our diphasic specialist Jerome Coulloux is one of the authors of the article "Loop Heat Pipe for Thermal Management of Aircraft Engine Equipment" published in the...

Atherm international reinforced presence

Atherm international reinforced presence

As you may know, Atherm joined an international group last year and is now celebrating its 1st anniversary among SERES and SANKEN teams. This collaboration enables us to be worldwide represented and to benefit from our local colleagues 'and partners' supports. With...

ATHERM is a french independent company

Atherm was founded in 1988 by experts in thermal design.
Today, 30 peoples dedicated to thermal solutions for industry.
Our R&D team and ISO9001 industrial manufacturing plant is located in our 2.000 sq.meter facilities at Grenoble, France.

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Who we are ?

Atherm is a french company founded in 1988 by experts in thermal design.


We are permanently seeking talents to accompany our the development.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We will be more than happy to help.


In comparison with alternative technologies the Atherm ultra-compact immersion heating leads to 30% savings and more.


Avoiding any over-heating, the Atherm Immersion heating technology minimize oxides, drosses and corundum formations. Thus, the metal quality is improved and the losses of metal are dramatically dropping.



Since the formation of oxides and corundum is reduced, you have less to clean the furnaces walls and heating elements, saving productive time.

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