Cold plates – Heat pipes systems – Insulated systems

Power electronics, confined electronics, embedded electronics need more and more cooling solutions such as water cooling, cold plates, heat pipe systems, heat sinks with embedded heat pipes depending on the power to dissipate or heat to transfer.

Expert in high performance solutions

Atherm has been a manufacturer of cold plates & heat pipes for 30 years. We propose FSW Cold Plates, Brazed Cold Plates, Embedded tubes Cooling Plates & grooved Heat Pipes working with gravity as well as sintered Heat Pipes working in all directions. All our Cold Plates, Heat Pipes & Heat Pipes Systems are designed and manufactured in our French headquarters factory.

Atherm designs, manufactures and sales cooling solutions since 1988.

Our R & D team co designs in close collaboration and transparency with your technical team, studies industrial heat transfer and dissipation solutions  meeting your specifications and needs. 

You benefit of all the advantages of a manufacturer’sdesign office to meet your challenges of cooling and heat dissipation, with the feedback of expirience of an industrial manuafturer.

Our modeling system is thus very accurate and close to real cooling systems offeringn you a true added value in projects support from the definition of the need to the solution.

The same team accompanies you along your project: from study, prototype, mockup, demonstrator, qualification, industrialisation. 
Our expertise and experience are recognized in various activity areas:

  • Medical
  • Railway
  • Avionics
  • Defence
  • Energy…


We customize solutions for

Electronics cooling

Each application is specific and our cooling solution too. You need to homogenize temperature, to evacuate, to transfer heat, we work together on your technical data to find out the right cooling solution : efficient, cost effective, design to cost…. With our head in academic research to update cooling technics and offer you the latest technologies and our feet in the industry, you get the right cooling answer in series with the reactivity of a small structure . A dedicated production line with the associated test benchs is built for you.

Customer’s needs

As heat density is increasing in electronic blades and subsystems, thermal management is becoming more and more important.

Thermal Mechanical design

Atherm’s design office is able to calculate and dimension cooling systems according to customer’s requests. Atherm cooperates with R and D institutions and participates to collaborative design work granted by European Commission.


Mock up, demonstrators and prototypes are all achieved in our workshop then qualified in link with customer’s design team.

Mass production

Once products are qualified, mass production is launched in our facilities (France, China, India).

Individual thermal test

Each single part is tested thermally, mechanically, dimensionally according to customer’s specifications. All our test benches are designed, manufactured, qualified by Atherm and validated by our customers.

Our electronics cooling solutions