Holding furnace

2 chambers of 3.5T each to maintain in temperature
2×3 immersion heaters
Need in power: 240kW

– 3 immersion heaters dia 55, 40kW each, sheath 1320mm long
– Lifetime more than 2,5 years
– Piloted by a dedicated control cabinet

Melting furnace

Large industrial melting furnace
Molten aluminium and immersion heaters smelt solid aluminium
Temperature to hold at 750°C while smelting

– 13 immersion heaters dia 32, 13kW each
– Innovative industrial electric melting furnace
– Fully environmental friendly

atherm melting furnace   melting-furnace1

Crucible with dynamic reheating

– 400kg liquid aluminium
– 4 heaters dia 28mm, 15kW each
– Reheating from 750 to 800°C in 10 minutes
– A sensor detecting position of lid turning off heaters power
– The relevant piloting cabinet
– Quality of aluminium maintained


     atherm-crucible-dynamic-reheatingatherm-crucible-dynamic-reheating    atherm-crucible-dynamic-reheating

Filtration unit

Flow rate of aluminium at 4T/h
Need in maintaining and reheating
– 3 immersion heaters in horizontal position, offering 9kW each
– Physical and thermal dimensioning of heaters
– Proven tightness solution
– Relevant piloting cabinet


Furnace with low bath level

atherm-furnace-bath  atherm-furnace-bath


Transfer ladle

– A ladle of 1200kg of aluminium
– Temperature losses during transfer furnace/ladle and pouring ladle/mouldNecessity to reheat before pouring into a mould Keeping quality of aluminium
– A well insulated lid with holes for heaters- 3 heaters ø28, 15kW each
– Reheating from 700 to 760°C within 6 minutes
– Relevant piloting cabinet


atherm-transfer-ladle atherm-transfer-ladle

Holding road transport ladle

– 6T
– Need in reheating 10°C/h up to 830°C
– 3 heaters ø32mm, 1400mm long, 15kW each

atherm-holding-road-ladle2 atherm-holding-road-ladle3


Replacement of vault resistances by heaters

– High dynamic
– Homogeneous temperature
– 40% less energy consumption
– 6 immersion heaters, 15kW each- Quality of aluminium    unchanged, no corundum

atherm-replacement-heaters1 atherm-replacement-heaters2

Retrofit of degassing unit

Replacement of inefficient and expensive graphite heating blocks
Rotors creating high temperature losses & a significant aluminium vortex
Possibility to have chloride and other additives

– Implementation of 1 heater per chamber, dia 55mm, standing additives
– Thermal, financial and qualitative efficiency of the solution
– Small heating length fitting bath level, 11kW each
– Good dynamic



Upholding during maintenance

28 vault furnaces 45kW each, with corundum
Aluminium temperature at 665°C
4 hrs to reheat before production restart when temperature falls down to 630°C
– 1 mobile station « Heat Pack »
– 1 heater 32 & Ø 55 12,5 kW each
– Gain 2 hours of maintenance on each 28 ovens, 2 times a month

atherm-upholding-maintenance1   atherm-upholding-maintenance2

Maintaining aluminium Temperature in launders

– Low aluminium level
– Horizontal mounting



Continuous casting

Heating plugs, furnace for preheating of the plugs

atherm-heating-plugs2   atherm-heating-plugs5 atherm-heating-plugs1atherm-heating-plugs3

Energy savings:
up to 40%

Maintenance time:
from 3 hours to less than 1 hour

Liquid metal quality improvement :
no overheating, less dross

Temperature regulation:
accuracy +- 2°C

Environment friendly :
 No CO2 emmissions