Heat Pipes Systems

Atherm is the unique manufacturer of both grooved and sintered heat pipes. They are all manufactured in our French premises.

We integrate our home made heat pipes into heat pipe sub-systems designed according to your need and specifications. These are fully passive systems for heat transfer from hot spots to cold areas and vice versa.

Standard diameters for sintered heat pipes are from 4 to 15.88mm, for grooved heat pipes from 7 to 15.88mm. Other diameters can be done on demand.



Grooved heat pipes

Atherm manufactures in house grooved heat pipes used with gravity, generally made of copper, filled in with water of alcohol. But other materials can be developed according to your environment (aluminum, stainless steel…with the adequate fluid).

Grooved heatpipes systems raillway
Heatpipe cooler UPS industry

Sintered heat pipes

Sintered heat pipes are also designed and manufactured when the application works against gravity.
We propose copper sintered heat pipes diameter 3 up to 12mm. Other diameters can be done on demand.

Cooling rack component
Electronic rack
Heatpipe Cooler Avionics
Rack sintered heat pipes cold plates
Sintered Heat pipe Dissipator