Insulated Heat Pipes System

Most components are nowadays electrically insulated but not all of them. Besides in new segments, demand for highly insulated heat-pipes sub-systems arises.

Our approach is always the same: starting from your request, our technical team closely works with yours in order to

  • define specifications when the project is in very preliminary phase
  • design and develop according to your evaluating data
  • manufacture prototypes or mock up
  • qualify the solution
  • industrialize it
  • manufacture series


Avionic insulated sintered heat pipe
Avionic insulated sintered heat pipe
Insulated heatpipe cooler
Insulated heat pipe cooler
Insulated heat pipe system high voltage
Insulated heatpipe system
Insulated heatpipe system
Powerful insulated heatpipe cooler
Powerful insulated heatpipe cooler

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