Sanken : testimonial

23 Apr, 2024

Sanken Sangyo is an Industrial furnace engineering and manufacturing company celebrating its 74th anniversary and is a leading manufacturer of rapid melting furnaces for aluminum foundries worldwide.
In 2010, we released our first all-electric immersion melting and holding furnace “S-MIC” for high pressure aluminum die casting. It achieves an efficient high rate of heat transfer, high thermal efficiency, high yield rate, zero CO2 emissions by a patented circulating molten metal technology that uses Atherm’s highly efficient “SA Heater” immersion heaters. The “SA Heater” outperforms competitor’s products in terms of high output, high efficiency, and compactness.
Inquiries for all-electric melting and holding furnaces, utilizing these heaters with the above advantages are increasingly in demand with the shift towards decarbonisation and carbon-neutral electrification of industrial furnaces. We have already received orders for melting furnaces with melting capacities of 1.5 metric tons per hour and are working on inquires for melting systems with capacities of 4T/h for high pressure die casting in the automotive industry.
The “SA Heater” is a game changing technology in the immersion heater industry driving decarbonisation and carbon-neutral electrification with our state of the art “S-MIC” melting system by our engineering expertise and knowhow utilizing immersion heating and metal circulation. To date, we have adopted over 1,000 of “SA Heaters” in our melting and holding furnaces and are pursuing the future with this game changing heater technology.

Sanken team Sanken Sangyo Co., Ltd.


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