IKD : testimonial

23 Apr, 2024

We are joint-stock company specialized in manufacturing high-precision aluminum die casting products. The company is mainly involved in research and development, manufacturing, and commercialising automotive aluminum alloy precision casting. We are also one of the biggest die-casting companies in mainland China and supply high quality products to the global car market.

We have been using Atherm’s advanced immersion heaters in holding furnaces since 2009.
The immersion heaters have power ratings ranging from 17.5KW to 26.5kW and are used across more than 200 holding furnaces with capacities from 800kg to 2000kg.
Over the past decades, we have been very pleased to observe significant benefits by using these products on our equipment.
Compared with our previous radiation electrical heating and gas systems:
– Operating conditions have considerably improved,
– No C02 emissions, environmentally friendly,
– Rapid ramp up of temperatures and improved metal quality,
– Energy savings of over 30%,
– Very easy to use and install (lighter/small diameter).
The Atherm immersion heaters are of very high quality and have a very good lifespan of up to 36 months and sometimes even longer.

Ni xiao yang- Equipment Branch Company GM
IKD Company Co., Ltd.


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