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17 Jun, 2024

trixellTrixell is one of the top suppliers of large-format digital detectors for health imagery applications worldwide.
We started using Atherm’s cold plates way back in 2002, to deal with the heat generated by high-quality video imaging and the need to normalize and dissipate it to ensure the final images had the desired features. Trixell needed a tailored solution that would guarantee specific cooling capacities while being leak-less and corrosion-resistant.
After rapidly communicating a convincing thermal simulation and mechanical design, Atherm quickly proceeded to the prototyping stage. They proposed a stainless-steel vacuum-brazed cold plate, with non-drip quick couplings. Working together, we finalized the design of the first cooling solution adopted by Trixell, the 4800 Cardio dual medical cold plate >
Since then, the range of detectors using Atherms’ cold plates evolved to include two more cold plates. We still use two of these products: the first one and the small medical cold plate, developed for the large-format 3040 detector, which is used for interventional and surgical-range machines.
Atherm is among the top five of our suppliers in terms of quality performance, with only three non-conformities listed in the archives for the last six years. Delivery timelines and overall forecasts are also very well respected.
Over the years, Trixell and Atherm have developed a deep understanding, all discussions are fluid, requests are considered, and efforts are made to identify the best solution to meet specific needs. Today, for example, we are engaged in a design-to-cost project related to the 3040 model.
To build a long-term partnership, the two partners need to share the same view of the relationship; we can say that this is the case between Atherm and Trixell. From the last 20+ years, we have many good things to say about Atherm.



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