Supratherm 55mm

The 55mm / 2,16” immersion heater Supratherm55 offers a power up to 45 kW.

It has been specifically designed to maintain or increase temperature of aluminium in large capacity furnaces.

Concentrating strong powers on small heating lengths answers the need of power in furnaces having reduced bath foot, when limited place doesn’t allow the installation of several supratherm heaters 28/32.

It is composed of a Nickel-Chromium resistance inserted into a high performing insulator conducting heat, the whole is fitted

in a ceramic sheath directly immersed into the liquid metal.

Heating directly into heart of metal guaranties an improved aluminium quality with no over heated areas and nearly no corundum.

ResistanceNickel Chromium
PowerUp to 45kW
Power supplyFrom 220V mono to 440V tri, up to 600V also available
Heating LengthUp to 650mm / 25,6”
Sheath LengthUp to 1400mm / 55,1”
Average life timeOver 13 months