Supratherm 32mm

“Our 32mm / 1,26” immersion heater Supratherm32 is a heater specially designed to maintain or reheat molten aluminium in holding furnaces.

With its high length, it can also be used in road transport ladle either at the foundry before shipment or upon arrival at customer’s transformation workshop.

Its interest consists in the possibility to use the road transport ladle as a holding furnace without having to pour aluminium into a crucible or another furnace.

It is composed of a Nickel-Chromium resistance inserted into a high performing insulator conducting heat, the whole is fitted in a ceramic sheath directly immersed into the liquid metal.

Heating directly into heart of metal guarantees a perfect temperature homogeneity, an improved  aluminium quality without overheated areas and nearly no corundum.”


Nickel Chromium




Up to 22kW

Power supply

From 220V mono to 440V 3 phase, up to 600V also available

HeaVng Length

Up to 800mm / 31,5”

Sheath Length

Up to 1050mm / 41,3”

Average lifeVme

Over 13 months