Athermalu 28mm

The 28mm/1,1” diameter Athermalu heater range, offering a power from 3 to 14 kW and different heating lengths is specially designed to reheat or maintain aluminum baths in holding furnaces.

It is composed of a Nickel-Chromium resistance

inserted into a high performing insulator
conducting heat, the whole is fitted in a ceramic
sheath directly immersed into the liquid metal.

This kind of heating method, directly in heart
of molten metal, guarantees a perfect temperature homogeneity, a better aluminum
quality and less corundum.

In practice, it leads to an output close to 100% and to great energy savings.

Resistance Nickel Chromium
Sheath Sialon
Power Up to 14kW
Power supply From 220V mono to 440V 3 phase, up to 600V also available
Heating Length Up to 800 mm / 31,5”
Sheath Length Up to 1050 mm / 41,3”
Average life time Over 13 months